TIME Cover Perfectly Captures Trump’s Turbulent First Month In Office

TIME has released yet another fascinating cover that perfectly depicts the dark and cloudy political storm we’ve been in since President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

With nearly one month of being president of the United States under his belt, Donald Trump has proven to be the firestorm we all feared, and TIME magazine’s new cover reflects just that.

The magazine’s cover story discusses the chaos and controversy at the center of the White House, and its illustration features Trump sitting in the Oval Office with dark clouds hanging above him and his hair and tie blowing in the wind with the words, “Nothing to See Here.”

Since Trump’s inauguration last month, there has been one disaster after another.

The list includes the impromptu implementation of his racist immigration ban, his executive order restricting abortions, blatant lies coming directly from his press secretary and staffers, the scathing Russia dossier, and just yesterday, his sudden decision to switch up the United States’ stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Let’s not forget the scandals that have rocked several of his cabinet picks, particularly former National Security adviser Michael Flynn and Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder, who both had to “get out of the kitchen,” so to speak, because they couldn’t take the heat.

TIME’s cover symbolizes that there was never any “calm before the storm” — the storm came in strong with no end in sight. With this disastrous beginning, we can only imagine what the next four years are going to bring. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters

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