Watch This Tiny Gorilla Knock Himself Down While Beating His Chest

This little gorilla is a role model for everyone who tries something new, but fails to succeed at the first attempt. The key is to keep trying.

We’ve all had embarrassing moments where we thought we were going to leave people awestruck with an epic stunt, but instead ended up putting ourselves to shame.

A tiny gorilla experienced something very similar when he stood up to beat his chest with all his might, only to fall down a few seconds later.

Video footage, thought to have been recorded by a Canadian woman, shows the little animal sitting among bushes, looking around at its surroundings, seemingly confused. In its first attempt, the gorilla stood up and began beating its chest, only to lose his balance. He held onto nearby branches to get hold of his bearings and then sat down (probably for a breather) before standing up and adorably falling again.

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But this little animal didn’t seem the kind to give up. For the third time, he stood up and began beating at his chest with all his might, falling backwards even harder than before.

He lifted his head from behind the bushes and looked around as if to make sure no one caught his embarrassing moments.

It looks like the tiny ape will need some more practice before he can perfect doing what gorillas do best. Since gorillas are known for their abilities to learn from observation, it is certain that in a few days, this tiny ape will be beating its chest like a pro.

Check out the adorable video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters 

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