6 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look Like It Belongs In A Hotel

Stop neglecting your bathroom because it's gross and no fun to be in. Here are six awesome ways to make it beautiful and way easier to clean.

We often put off cleaning one of the most crucial rooms in our homes.

No, we're not talking about the kitchen, living room, or even the boudoir.

It's the bathroom, folks. From the scum in the toilet to the water spots in the shower, it's understandable why we shun our washroom. But consider this: What if your bathroom was a joy to be in, a delight to clean? What then?

We'd argue that you might take a sponge to it more often. With that in mind, we've found a few ways to spice up your decor and make it easier to clean when it comes time. 

1. Add some color.

If your bathroom is all one hue, consider adding a few items to spice up the space. White shows dirt easily, but a few colorful accessories (or even some wallpaper) can draw the eye away from grime and up the design appeal.

2. Find a spot to sit.

Not only does this make your space look super luxe, it also gives you a spot to rest when you're cleaning and a place to put products (rather than on the floor).


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3. Keep your countertops clean.

If you want your restroom to feel like an escape, this will help do the trick. Keeping everything relatively clutter-free makes the space seem more like a hotel bathroom than one in a home. Bonus: this means easy cleaning, too.

4. Add a bit of art.

Just because people do their *ahem* business in here doesn't mean you can't have some art on the walls. 

5. Store things stylishly.

Forget about ugly toothbrush holders and just throwing magazines on the ground. Get some glass containers for cotton balls and other bathroom accessories, or tuck magazines away in chic wire baskets. Keep the space looking classy, while also organized.


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6. Splurge for some candles.

Adding candles to your bathroom makes having those relaxing baths a reality, not just a dream. They'll also double to cover up the odor of cleaning products.


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There you have it. Hopefully, these tips will make you excited to spend time in your bathroom — be it for a shower, a relaxing bath, a quick number one, or cleaning.

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