Toddler Rolls Out Of Van Onto Highway In Heart-Stopping Dashcam Video

Bizarre dashcam footage shows a toddler rolling out of the back of a vehicle, as the driver seemingly fails to notice.

It can be hard for parents to wrangle wriggly toddlers — but it should never come to this. 

Unbelievable dashcam footage of a little boy is every parent's worst nightmare. The video shows a van driving onto a busy highway in Suzhou, China, when all of the sudden the toddler falls out of the back of the vehicle and rolls toward oncoming traffic.

The confused toddler stands up and looks around before taking a few steps forward. Interestingly, the van driver had no idea that the child had fallen off and continued driving, as the child ran after it.

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The driver of the car whose dashcam captured the bizarre footage quickly got out to help the child, until the boy's grandfather realized what happened and raced back.

The grandfather explained that the lock to the boot door wasn’t functioning properly and that the toddler had climbed over the backseat and fallen out.

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