Toddler Rides Toy Car Into Oncoming Rush Hour Traffic

The young boy was seemingly unfazed as he weaved through the oncoming cars and trucks. Fortunately, a traffic officer soon spotted the child.

A young boy riding a plastic tricycle somehow ended up in the middle of a busy road during rush hour in Chinese city of Lishui.

The heart-stopping surveillance footage shows the child ride through oncoming traffic, seemingly unperturbed as cars and trucks swerved around him. Disturbingly, not a single motorist stopped to help the kid.

The toddler, who appeared to be nearly 3 years old, continued to push his yellow toy car on the street until a police officer spotted the little driver.

Officer Wu Feng ran onto the street and crouched down in front of the child before picking him up and walking off the street. If it wasn’t for his timely appearance, the incident could’ve ended tragically.

“When I rode out of the gate, I saw a little kid on the road riding in his toy car through the traffic,” said Wu. “It was very dangerous with many big vehicles around him. So without a second thought I rushed to the kid immediately and took him to the side of the road.”

The officer and his colleagues ultimately found the boy’s mother and handed over the kid.

“[The kid] told me he had become separated from his mom and was looking for her,” Wu added.

Meanwhile, the video sparked well-deserved backlash on social media.

“Are these drivers for real? None can't stop to take care of this little boy who knows no left to right,” exclaimed one Facebook user, while another commented: “It's scary when society has become so numb to others that no one even thinks to stop and save this baby.”

China has shockingly high death toll of children on roads. Each year, more than 10,000 children die from injuries in road accidents with more than a third of these being pedestrians, according to the World Health Organization.

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