Video Shows Adults Laughing As Toddlers Smash Priceless Museum Artwork

Surveillance footage shows two out-of-control brats shatter artist Shelley Xue's delicate “Angel Is Waiting” art display at the Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Children are (often) a menace, which is exactly why prestigious places, including museums and art galleries, either do not let them in or require an adult to accompany them at all times. However, in some instances, chaperons end up being a bigger nuisance than the kids who are, well, kids.

At least that is what happened in China’s Shanghai Museum of Glass, where two spoiled toddlers fractured a priceless piece of art right in front of the giggling adults. Although it’s not clear if the women were indeed the mothers or just relatives, it’s certain that they were supposed to be looking after them.

The CCTV footage, posted above, shows the children approach Shelley Xue's priceless “Angel Is Waiting” art display behind the ropes before starting to punch it. The adults, in the meantime, pull out their cell phones to record the incident, because destroying a delicate piece of art is definitely a childhood memory worth remembering, right?

The women only pull the children off the wing-like artwork when it looks like it is about to fall. Although just as the second kid steps back, a part of the display cracks and shatters on the ground.

As the U.K.'s Metro reports, the artist has renamed the piece “Broken” rather than fix it. Also, it turns out the museum only released the video so it could serve as an example for others. It’s also unclear if those responsible have been fined.

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