Cute And Bizarre: These Top 10 Hybrid Animals Will Make Your Heart Melt

The world’s first liliger was born in the U.S. over the weekend. What on earth is a liliger and what are these other cute but totally bizarre hybrids?

An offspring in the animal world, a liliger, was born over the weekend at a private zoo in Oklahoma. Born to a liger and a lion, the former being a hybrid animal itself born to a lion and a tiger, it is the first liliger to join the world of animals. Barcroft TV has footage of the liliger. 

The liliger is surely a rare crossbreed, but it's not along in the world of totally bizarre but very cute hybrid animals:

1.    Zebroid


This Zebroid, a cross between a stallion and a zebra makes one stunning offspring!

2.    Grolar Bear

Grolar Bear

Born to a grizzly and polar bear, this hybrid animal has got to be the cutest bear!

3.     Savannah


The tall and slim Savannah is a cross between a serval and domestic cat. 

4.     Cama


This crossbreed of a camel and a llama is much more petite than a camel itself.

5.     Mule


An offspring of a donkey and a horse; spot the heart on this little one?

6.     Wolphin

A cross between a female bottlenose dolphin and a male killer whale, this is one rare hybrid! 

7.     Dzo


Tibetan in origin, this is a male hybrid between yak and cattle.

8.     Toast of Botswana


Talking about absolutely cute hybrids, this one gets its strange name because of its origin in Botswana.

9.     Hybrid Pheasant



Golden and Amherst Pheasant make a hybrid that’s more stunning than the word itself.

10.     Cheetoh

The Bengal Cat+ Ocicat= The Cheetoh


You’d wa nt this one for a pet – a cross between a Bengal cat and an Ocicat.

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