Tourist Ducks In Time To Avoid Getting Decapitated By Plane

This almost turned into a grisly scene when a tourist filming a plane’s landing at one of the world's most dangerous airports only barely escaped death.

It’s good to be passionate about photography, but you should always be careful of your surroundings – especially if there’s a plane barreling in your direction, flying just inches from your head.

A video has emerged on the internet showing a tourist who ducked just in time to avoid getting decapitated by a small plane as it approached the runway at Gustaf III Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Barts.

The incredible incident was captured on camera by Sebastien Politano, a local resident who was snapping photos with his brand new 360-degree camera at the same spot.

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In the 12-second video it appears the unnamed tourist escaped completely unscathed, but he didn’t, according to Politano.

“The man has felt the wheel of the aircraft touching his right hand. He has shown me the little traces,” Politano is quoted by The Daily Mail. “He just said, ‘It hit my hand, it hit my hand.’ At this time I think he doesn’t realize that he is a lucky man.”

Despite the life-threatening near-miss, the tourist continued taking photos of the aircraft.

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In a separate photo, the same plane can be seen flying just inches above a motorcyclist:


Politano claims Gustaf III Airport is “one of the most dangerous airports in the world, renowned for its difficult landing strip.”

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