The Shocking Moment When A Truck Rolled Over On A Highway

Accidents on high speed highways can be potentially fatal. So this truck driver is extremely lucky he escaped with only a few injuries.

It’s a miracle this truck driver is still alive after the horrifying crash he experienced.

A shocking dashcam video has emerged of a chain of events that lead to a horrific car crash on an interstate highway in Utah.

The incident occurred on I-15 in Salt Lake City and was uploaded on Facebook by Scott Rodgers, an eye-witness who recorded the whole incident.

The video shows a black car swerve slightly to make an illegal lane switch. To save itself, a Toyota Tacoma swerves to the left — and comes in front of the path of an oncoming PT Cruiser. The Cruiser then swerves left to avoid the truck but apparently briefly loses control and smashes into the Tacoma.

The force of the hit flips the truck over onto the highway and the Cruiser has to swerve dangerously again to avoid smashing into the truck a second time.

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As the truck comes to a halt, the black car that was the cause of the whole incident is seen to be speeding away. Oncoming cars are shown pulling to a stop on the parking lane and people rushed in to help the victim.

The Utah Highway Patrol stated the crashed occurred around 7:40 a.m. near 600 North on southbound 1-15.

The driver of the Toyota was, fortunately, not grievously hurt and was transported to the hospital for minor injuries. The driver of the PT Cruiser was not hurt in the accident.

The police department as of yet has not found the driver of the black car.

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