Teen Beauty Queen Livestreams Her Own Death In High-Speed Crash

A Ukranian teenage beauty queen and her girlfriend died earlier today when an Instagram live-stream of their high-speed joyride ended in tragedy.

Each year worldwide about 1.3 million people are killed in road accidents. That means that more than 3,000 people die every day due to collisions. Many of these accidents occur because drivers are distracted by their cell phones or are drivingunder the influence. 

Unfortunately, early this morning, two lives were taken due to what appears to be a deadly combination of these things. According to Metro, two young Ukranian women were killed when their BMW smashed head-on into a lamppost. They seemed to be intoxicated while live-streaming on Instagram.

Sofia Magerko, 16, was sitting in the passenger seat filming her friend Dasha Medvedeva, 24, as she apparently drove at high speeds. The ladies are seen drinking from a bottle and blasting music, smiling, laughing, and talking to the camera. One of the women said, “Hi boys” in their native language, as they flew down the freeway.

Watch the footage from the accident below, but be aware, it is hard to swallow.

Right before the tragic accident, the women are heard saying how much they enjoy their lives. That’s when their laughter is replaced by screams and the car can be heard striking the post. The screen goes black.

Viewers can listen as bystanders arrive at the scene after hearing the crash, and according to Metro, one man is heard saying, "There is a dead body there… another one fell out of the car."

Magerko was killed instantly, and sadly, Medvedeva died while en route to the hospital.

Magerko was competing in local beauty pageants and had even won a local contest. Both girls had their whole lives ahead of them. 

The police in Izyum have confirmed the deaths, but as of yet have not given official reasons for the crash.

Summer months are especially dangerous for car accidents thanks to warm-weather celebrations and young adults being out of school. Never get in the car, even if you've only had one or two drinks. That small amount of alcohol reduces your reaction time drastically. 

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