Train Passenger Hurls ‘Threatening Abuse’ At Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman was the target of a fellow train rider’s abusive rant described by authorities as “extremely aggressive,” “threatening,” and “disgusting.”

A pregnant woman was on the receiving end of harsh verbal abuse during a train ride in London.

A fellow female commuter was berating the pregnant woman, prompting her to switch carriages just to get away — but the harassment continued.

The situation became so hostile that another passenger intervened, but that only escalated things further as the attacker began shouting “violent and aggressive language” at him, Metro reports.

Another witness began taking photos and video footage of the ordeal. Authorities have since released pictures in an effort to find the aggressor.

“The behavior of this woman was extremely aggressive and whilst she was not physically violent, her abuse would have been very frightening to the victim,” investigating officer PC Chris Abbott reportedly said of the incident.

“No one should ever be subjected to this type of threatening and disgusting abuse and we have a number of active enquiries in place to trace the woman responsible,” he added.

It’s unclear why the harasser targeted the pregnant woman in the first place, but regardless, her behavior is inexcusable.

This is yet another addition to the long list of random acts of violence and abuse that have been occurring throughout the western world as hate becomes normalized. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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