Trump’s Vacation Ruined A Huge Surprise For 250 Kids At A Summer Camp

The camp said Trump’s Secret Service forced it to cancel a surprise superhero skydiving activity for 250 kids just a few hours before the event.

Facebook, Tamarack Day Camp

President Donald Trump is not just a world-class bully, he is a party pooper as well.

In the early days of his 17-day “working vacation,” Trump has done his best to provoke a nuclear war with North Korea. Since that is not yet a reality, the president had to settle for simply ruining a summer camp for kids.

For over three months, the Tamarack Day Camp in Randolph, New Jersey, had planned a fabulous surprise for the 250 kids attending their camp to kick off their color war. This year, the idea was that four skydivers dressed as superheroes would parachute in and “save” the kids from a bunch of bikers — who were possibly camp counselors or volunteers — pretending to kidnap children.

The activity sounds funs, right? Except the counselors never expected Trump to ruin it.

Just a few hours before the event was set to take place, the Secret Service got in contact with Jessica Grannum, the camp’s assistant director, and told her the whole skydiving thing would have to be canceled.


Apparently, the camp is located within the 30-mile no-fly zone set up around Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, where the president is currently vacationing.

“We had 250 kids” — aged 3 to 12 — “on the ground waiting for this to happen,” Grannum said. “We were shocked and disappointed. We felt really let down.”

The camp then tried to contact the president through his Twitter account, which they used for the very first time, to allow the skydiving to take place.



But it was all in vain.

Grannum said the skydiving company had already received clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly into the area and they rooted for the camp (which lays only one-tenth of a mile within the 30-mile no-fly zone) with the Secret Service after the no-fly zone was issued. But the “Secret Service wouldn't even listen,” she said.

Grannum added that although the camp did not lose money, they felt disappointed by the canceled plans. Meanwhile, the sky diving company did lose both business and money.

“It's really not fair to them,” she said.

In the end, some of the camp staff dressed themselves as superheroes. However, they did not have the fancy superhero costumes that the skydivers had and so they had to get masks and costumes at the last minute. They also had to call the fire department and borrow a fire engine from which the superheroes fought off the bikers.

Fighting off bikers from fire engines? It does not sound as much fun as skydiving superheroes.

It seems though Trump is determined to have his vacation, and is equally determined to ruin everyone else’s.

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