'Trump Caucus' Picture Skewered On Twitter For Being So White

"What a fantastic representation of what America looks like," one user tweeted, responding to the "Trump caucus" photo posted by the POTUS.

If there ever was a perfect display of President Donald Trump's white ignorance, it's this ridiculous photo of the "Trump caucus" hanging out in the Oval Office recently and giving two cheesy thumbs up to the camera. 

And if you weren't aware of the "Trump caucus," well, consider yourself informed: It's a club of supportive Republican representatives, and it's about as nauseating as you'd expect, the Huffington Post reports

Behold, the "Trump caucus": 

The group includes congressmen from Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Tennessee, plus one congresswoman from Tennessee.

Obviously, the photo is fodder for major mockery, and Twitter wasted no time doing what it does best.

Overall, it was a total white sausage fest.

But hey, he's just a small-minded guy. He can't help it. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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