Trump Fails To Notice His Heavily Armored Limo Right In Front Of Him

A video of a confused POTUS searching for his gigantic limousine has Twitter talking about Trump’s mental health.


A video showing President Donald Trump walking away from his heavily-armored limousine after getting off the Air Force One is raising questions about his health, again.

As the president deplaned, he walked past the gigantic vehicle, which was parked right in front of him.

As Trump continued to walk in the wrong direction, a Secret Service agent appears and redirects him towards his ride.

Footage of the bizarre incident soon went viral with people on Twitter making assumptions — and jokes — about Trump's confusion.




However, Trump's ardent fans jumped to defend him. One on YouTube mentioned Trump was probably looking around because he was expecting to take a chopper home from Joint Base Andrews.

“You make him sound as if he’s an idiot,” wrote the commenter. “The fact is, President Trump always takes Marine One from Andrew Air Force Base to the White House, so he walked towards the Marine One chopper when his aide told him they’ll use the vehicles this time.”

But people on Twitter had a different opinion.











Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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