This Photo Of Trump Rescuing Hurricane Victims Is Fake

The fake photo depicts a highly photo-shopped Trump sitting in a rescue boat wearing a suit and tie, trying to help the hurricane victims.



Supporters of President Donald Trump don’t hesitate in sharing anything good associated with the president’s name; so much so, they don’t even try to verify the source of the news.

Die-hard POTUS followers are sharing a photo, where he can be seen sitting in a rescue boat wearing a suit and tie, trying to help the victims of Hurricane Florence as he reaches out to one of them with a red MAGA hat. The victim can be seen swimming in the flooded waters. Unfortunately, this heroic deed did not really happen.

Turned out the photo was edited to include Trump in the picture. Only Trump supporters who are desperate to make him look like a hero could believe the highly-photo shopped image of the president. Not only did they believe the apparent heroics, they also shared it on Twitter over 250,000 times. One ardent supporter used this caption to praise the so-called act of courageousness by the president: “You won’t see this on the news… make it go viral” to describe the photo.

Kevin Roose, a reporter from New York Times, revealed that the picture was originally taken in Texas during the floods in 2015 and it has no sign of Trump. In reality, rescue workers in a raft were reaching out to a man swimming in the flooded waters.

Believing that Trump, who recently joked with suffering Florence victims, saying “at least you got a nice boat out of the deal,” could actually risk his life and sit in boat to reach out to the victims is naïve to say the least.

Trump also reportedly told one person in the car while handing out meals to the victims to “have a good time.”

Naturally, people on social media couldn’t help but convey their thoughts about this picture.











Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters, Carlos Barria

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