Trump Doesn’t Want Syrian Refugees, Thanks To 'Local Milk People'

After brining everyone’s attention to covfefe, President Donald Trump brings “local milk people” in the headlines. Here’s how the internet responded.

Everything is a dump to President Donald Trump. The White House is a “real dump” and now he says the country as a whole will become a “dumping ground” if refugees are let in.

The Washington Post published transcripts of the phone calls Trump had with world leaders of Mexico and America. He may have lied to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto about the Mexican wall, but how he explained about a segment of people living in the U.S. to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is cringeworthy.

In the phone call, Trump reportedly told Turnbull he couldn’t accept Syrian refugees in the country because it will make him look bad.

Both the world leaders were talking about former President Barack Obama's deal to resettle more than 1,000 refugees who are currently held in Australia’s offshore detention centers in the United States.

“Boy, that will make us look awfully bad,” said Trump after he announced his ban on travel and immigration from seven-majority Muslim countries which also halted refugee resettlement.

“I guarantee you they are bad. That is why they are in prison right now. They are not going to be wonderful people who go on to work for the local milk people,” he said insisting how evil refugees were for not helping those “milk people.”

The commander-in-chief was probably referring to the U.S. dairy farms.

He also mentioned how Trump’s America will look like a dumping ground with those refugees. “Here I am calling for a ban where I am not letting anybody in and we take 2,000 people. Really it looks like 2,000 people that Australia does not want and I do not blame you by the way, but the United States has become like a dumping ground.”

Dumping ground or not, but the internet sure dumped Trump with his “local milk people” comment and a plethora of dairy product-themed memes and jokes.

















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