Trump, Predictably, Is Whining About SNL’s ‘Pee-Pee Party’ Skit

“NBC News is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” Trump tweeted.

Alec Baldwin’s impression of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" was spot on — and absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, the president-elect doesn’t seem to think so.

The cold open featured a press conference with Trump, played by Baldwin, who aptly portrayed how Trump fended off reporters at last week’s conference when he was barraged by questions about the “golden shower” dossier compiled by a British ex-spy.

After the show, Trump, predictably slammed SNL, calling it the “worst of NBC,” in a tweet on Sunday.


Trump isn’t the only one to slam the dossier.

Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also slammed the interview calling the parody “inappropriate,” “not funny” and “a left-wing hit piece.”

“'Saturday Night Live' used to be funny,” Spicer said on Howard Kurtz’ "MediaBuzz" program. “It used to be funny and entertaining and light-hearted.” Now, he said, it’s “just bad.”

Trump also found a surprising ally in Watergate scandal reporter Bob Woodward, who also questioned the validity of the dossier and actually defended the president-elect over the as-yet-to-be-proven allegations.

“I’ve lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegations,” said Woodward. “That is a garbage document. It never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing.”

Trump later thanked him for his remarks.


The president-elect has a long-standing feud with SNL, which has mocked him throughout his presidential campaign.

In November, Trump got into a Twitter spat over Baldwin’s depiction of him in the show, and called it “one-sided and biased.”

Even though many of Trump’s predecessors have also been mocked in the show, Trump believes he is the only exception and a victim of unjust criticism. Although he is always touting the First Amendment, it seems he would rather the media keep its mouth shut when it comes to him.

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