Trump Surrogate Confuses Molotov Cocktail With 'Mazel Tov Cocktail'

In a moment of much-needed comic relief as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign comes to a close, one of his surrogates said “mazel tov cocktail” on CNN Live.

On Sunday night during a CNN interview, Donald Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes minced her words ever so slightly and the results were hysterical, The Huffington Post reported.

Hughes was in the midst of defending Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton supporters Jay Z and Beyonce, whom she claimed portray anti-police messages, when she said “mazel tov cocktail” in reference to Molotov cocktails in one of Jay Z’s music videos.

Hughes said, “Now if you look at Jay Z… one of his main videos starts off with a crowd throwing mazel tov cocktails at the police…” Hughes was referring to Jay Z and Kanye West’s 2012 video for “No Church In The Wild.”

The founding editor of Huffington Post, Roy Sekoff, tweeted that Hughes’ comment was quite possibly his “fave moment of this dismal campaign.” In defense of her hilarious blunder, Hughes responded that she immediately realized her mistake, blaming it on sleep deprivation.

Hughe’s ignorant gaffe is just another example of the ridiculousness that has ensued from the Trump campaign this election cycle, including Sarah Palin’s recent comment about the uselessness of polls.

Banner photo credit: YouTube screengrab, 24/7 EYES

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