Trump's Approval Ratings Are Dismally Low

After last week's dip to a historic 37 percent, President Donald Trump is barely surviving at a 40 percent approval rating among the American people.

Donald Trump

If you thought President Donald Trump's approval ratings were bad before, you're in for a real treat. Last week, Trump fell to a record low of 37 percent. This week, he's back up to 40, but as AOL News points out, this is still astonishingly low.

In fact, former President Barack Obama didn't hit this number until two years in office. Around this time during Obama's presidency, he was at a 60 percent approval rating. As far as past Republican presidents go, George W. Bush was lingering at 53 percent more than 60 days into his presidency, and Ronald Reagan was at 60 percent, putting things well into perspective. 

Trump's number goes to show, simply and directly, how poorly he's doing so far, from his actions opposing human rights to his insane budget cuts and hot mess of a health care plan. Oh, and did we mention his incredibly petty and unprofessional Twitter feuds?

Trump is apparently losing ground with essential demographics, and now more than half of men disapprove of the POTUS (52 percent). 

In many ways, the president is failing, but his biggest setback of all is his favor with the American people because, at this point, it's egregiously slim. 

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