Trump’s Crushed Walk Of Fame Star Mirrors His Shattered Campaign

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was once again targeted with vandalism but, instead of spray paint, the offender used a sledgehammer.

It has been predicted that Donald Trump’s fame and brand will not survive this presidential election if he does not win, and the recent destruction of his Hollywood Walk of Fame star may confirm those speculations.

A man who claimed to be a construction worker demolished Trump’s concrete star with a sledgehammer and a pick-ax on Wednesday morning, Politico reports.

The culprit was identified as Jamie Otis. He reportedly told Deadline that he intended to auction the star to raise money for all of the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault, which is about a dozen so far. 

Although Trump maintains that all of the accusations against him are false, his credibility has been destroyed by the recently leaked audio recordings uncovered by The Washington Post, which depict him bragging about grabbing and kissing women without their consent back in 2005.

Even with the odds stacked against him, Trump has announced plans to sue his accusers after the election. Perhaps funds from the auction Otis was planning could have gone toward legal counsel for the women. 

Despite Otis’ noble intentions, instead of plucking the star from the sidewalk in one piece, he completely ruined it.

The star was originally dedicated to Trump back in 2007 in recognition of his hit reality show, “The Apprentice.” However, in the last year the star has been a popular target for vandalism.

People have repeatedly defecated and urinated on the star and back in January, a reverse swastika was spray-painted on it. In July, a barbed-wire fence was placed around it, representing the controversial wall Trump wants to build along the Mexican Border if elected.

Otis went to town on the star for about a half hour around 6:00 a.m. before a Los Angeles Police cruiser arrived on the scene. Initial reports did not indicate what, if any, disciplinary action he faces for the damages.

The repeated defacing of Trump’s Hollywood star symbolizes the irreparable damage his reputation has, and will continue to suffer following his socially toxic campaign.

He seems to have made one too many enemies, both in the celebrity world and in everyday society.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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