Tucker Carlson Thinks US Immigration Policy Is Even Worse Than Slavery

“Has any policy in American history hurt African Americans more than our immigration policy?” said Tucker Carlson. Did he forget about slavery?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson thinks the U.S. policy most harmful to African Americans is (drumroll) immigration.


Apparently, Carlson has never heard about slavery — or maybe he just thinks it wasn’t a bad thing for people of African descent.

The Fox News host was speaking to right-wing instigator Mark Krikorian, the executive director for the Center of Immigration Studies, a think-tank that advocates restricting immigration to the United States. It was also rather ironic how the two people discussing what’s good for the black community are xenophobic, rich, white men. “Has any policy in American history hurt African Americans more than our immigration policy?” Carlson asked Krikorian, who promptly replied with a resounding, “No, it’s a good question.”

Exactly what immigration policy are they referring to?                                                   

They are talking about an immigration program, the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, which allows entry to the applicants from nations where less than 50,000 immigrants have come to the U.S. in the last five years — which includes the sub-Saharan African nations.

However, not just anyone can apply for this program. Applicants must show educational or occupational criteria and there is a strict vetting procedure before they are even considered.

After Krikorian referenced this, Carlson piped up with this very weird question about whether the immigration policy “hurt African Americans.” He failed to mention how it did so and Krikorian, who had immediately jumped up to agree with him, failed to elaborate as well.

Maybe what they really meant was that immigration hurt xenophobic, rich, white men like themselves.

Aside from this, the Fox News firebrand just successfully belittled the sufferings of the African Americans during slavery — you know, the time when slave ships forcefully brought people from Africa to the United States for inhumane labor — and the Jim Crow era, the time when black people were regarded as an inferior, untouchable race that should be delegated to the back of the bus.

Maybe Carlson and Krikorian should take history lessons from the internet:









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