Contestant Uses 2 Lifelines To Answer Where The Great Wall Of China Is

The woman in the game show asked the audience where the Great Wall of China was. They were also very unhelpful. She then had to call a friend, who told her the right answer.

The hit TV game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” has shown contestants failing to answer the simplest of questions over the years. However, this lady took the cake.

A video of a Turkish woman, who seems to be completely stumped by one of the questions in the Turkish edition of the game show, has gone viral and has become a great source of embarrassment for the unfortunate lady.

Su Ayhan, the 26-year-old contestant seemed to be sweating when the host asked her the fourth question that could have won her 3,000 Turkish lira ($506).

What was the question?

“Where is the Great Wall of China?”

Ayhan was offered four options to pick from: China, India, South Korea and Japan.

To most people, the answer is so obvious, they wouldn’t even need to check the options. However, not to this young lady.

After looking at the screen in front of her with a blank expression for a few seconds, Ayhan said she would like to use one of the three “lifelines” available to her.

She chose to “ask the audience,” which surprisingly turned out to be supremely unhelpful. Only 52 percent of the people got the answer right and named China as the homeplace of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Looking stunned, Ayhan stared at the results from the audience and giving up decided to use another “lifeline,” this time to call a friend.

Fortunately, her friend was able to give her the correct answer.

However, the answer couldn’t keep her much longer in the show because Ayhan flunked out of the show on the very next question about a famous Turkish composer.

Ayhan has since become the butt of the joke in the country.





However, some people refuse to look at the funny side, instead blaming Turkey’s deteriorating education standards.

Journalist Ahmet Hakan, who writes for the Hurriyet Daily News, said, “I hope many people in the audience failed to answer the question thinking it was too easy to be asked, setting a trap. Otherwise, this huge ignorance problem cannot be solved, even with our new Education Minister Ziya Selçuk.”

Ayhan has publicly tried to defend her abysmal performance on the show, arguing, “I could use my lifelines whenever I wanted” — which does not seem very wise considering she was still at the start of the game and should have saved the “lifelines” for much harder questions later.

However, she isn’t the only one who has blundered during quiz shows.

One of the most shining cases is that of a U.S. medical student Brenton Andreasik, whose failure was all the more cringe-worthy since he introduced himself by bragging how brainy he was.

He flunked out on his first question.

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