Tutor Couldn’t Find Parking, So He Canceled Class With An Angry Email

An Ohio University English tutor made his students’ day by sending a hilarious email to cancel class after a crowded parking lot got the best of him.

Overcrowded parking lots can feel like the bane of any impatient driver’s existence, but for one class of college students it was a get out of class free card.

An Ohio University student tweeted a screengrab of an email she received from her tutor named Brandon which was sent less than five minutes before class was set to begin, according to Metro.

The English tutor told his students that class would be canceled due to his inability to find a parking space and offered perfect scores to everyone on the quiz they were supposed to take that day.

Resorting to canceling class wasn’t the real kicker; it was the profanity Brandon used — presumably, out of frustration —that was both incredibly unprofessional and extremely hilarious.

“I couldn’t find a f***ing parking space, so I can’t make it to class today,” was the first sentence of his email. Adding to the clearly exasperated tone of the message, he also noted that he was canceling his office hours because he needed “a little distance from campus.”

Brandon gave a whole new meaning to the popular phrase, “the struggle is real.”

Twitter user @marynern16, the student who initially shared the screengrab, has watched her post go viral with more than 38,000 retweets and nearly 150,000 likes.

Apparently, many can relate to the situation from both Brandon’s perspective and the students’. 

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