TV Crew Unexpectedly Saves Castaway Close To Death

The host and crew of Animal Planet's "River Monsters" unexpectedly discovered a castaway seeking help while out on location filming an episode of the show.

The crew of Animal Planet’s "River Monsters" was out on a trip near Australia's Northern Territory searching for the Queensland Grope fish when they discovered a castaway fisherman instead.

“This guy with no clothes was running out of the cave, waving his arms out," one of the five crew members, Stephen Shearman, reportedly told Inside Edition.

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The fisherman, known only as Tremine, was separated from his boat in the waters of Barranyi North Island just two days before the crew found him, according to Yahoo News.

“With every hour that passed his chances of survival diminished,” host Jeremy Wade said. “One more day on the beach and he would have died.”

Still in shock, the television crew did what they do best and captured the incredible moment on film.

The man was swimming towards them and waving them down. Wade said they had spotted a cooler on the nearby deserted island before spotting Tremine.

“He immediately came down to the water and he’s yelling out, ‘give me a drink, give me a drink,’” Wade said.

While the epic rescue occurred back in November, the episode recently aired. The crew reportedly keeps in touch with Tremine who they befriended when he stayed with them the night of the rescue.

Sherman did note that Tremine’s experience has motivated him to start smoking again. Tremine believes that if he had a lighter to use for smoking, he would have been able to use it for cooking when he got stranded and to keep warm by lighting a fire.

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It’s rather serendipitous that Wade and his crew were at the right place at the right time to save Tremine’s life. Not only did they become heroes, but they got a pretty awesome story for the show as well. Who cares about that rare Queensland Grope now? 

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