Twitter Defends Ivanka After Newsweek Claims She ‘Plagiarized’ Herself

After facing backlash and criticism, the publication removed the word "plagiarized" from its headline and replaced it with "recycled” for more accuracy.

Newsweek made a paltry attempt to criticize Ivanka Trump by publishing an article that accused her of plagiarizing herself.

While addressing an audience in Hyderabad, India, for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Trump delivered a speech praising the women entrepreneurs in India and their contributions to technology and the workplace.

However, critics quickly noticed that much of her speech appeared to be recycled from an address she gave earlier this month in Tokyo when she attended the World Assembly for Women.

Newsweek jumped on the opportunity to call Trump out for the lack of originality, but in doing so, they suggested plagiarism. When Twitter caught wind of the article, users began dragging the publication for making such a ridiculous claim.

While many admitted that Trump’s speech lacked substance and her recycled lines demonstrate laziness, they argued that crying plagiarism in this case was a bit of a stretch.

Members of the Trump family aren’t strangers to plagiarism. Remember the mass outrage Melania Trump caused last year by copying an old speech from former first lady Michelle Obama, almost verbatim, and delivering it at the Republican National Convention?

It should be noted, however, that the blame for the first family’s lack of creativity only partially falls on them. These individuals have a team that they pay to polish their speeches and guide all of their public appearances. Alas, these staffers are clearly struggling at their jobs. 

After being mocked mercilessly, Newsweek changed the headline of its story to clarify that Trump simply recycled her old speech.

In the end, it's all just semantics, right?  

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