Twitter Outraged By Troubling Images Of Refugee Camp Buried In Snow

Footage from the Moria refugee camp in Greece sparked outrage on Twitter as it brought to light the deadly weather conditions that thousands are enduring.

Refugees in Greece are enduring life-threatening winter weather conditions, particularly in Moria — a large camp located on the island of Lesvos.

Humanitarian agencies have issued warnings that without sufficient housing, thousands of refugees could freeze to death, The Independent reports.

Many parts of the country have gotten more than three feet of snow and temperatures dropped as low as minus 18 degrees Celsius throughout the weekend.

More than 15,000 people are living in the overcrowded camp in Moria in very thin summer tents.

Last week, the United Nations refugee agency reportedly distributed thermal blankets, heating fuel, and electric heaters following the death of one man.

Greek officials are under scrutiny for not properly preparing for this harsh winter.

“Europe should stop making the lives of migrants and refugees more miserable,” Medicins Sans Frontieres said in a statement.

Approximately 21,000 spots with host families have been found to accommodate refugees most at risk, and another 700 places were secured for unaccompanied children. However, there are still thousands more people struggling to stay alive with each freezing night.

Twitter erupted with outrage after photos and video footage from Moria began to trend on the social network.

People have expressed disbelief that human beings are being subjected to these unlivable conditions, while others have shared their anger and disappointment in the Greek government for not doing more to prevent this situation before winter rolled in.

Last month, the European Union, some aid groups, and the Greek authorities were accused of mishandling €90 million worth of funding that was meant to be used for “winterising” camps before the first snowfall.

Clearly, the criticism was warranted, as thousands are going without adequate shelter and may not survive through the winter.   

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters

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