Twitter Is Crying Over This Photo Of A Dad Walking His Teen To School

High school student Brittany Gayler posted two side-by-side pictures of her father walking her to school on Twitter. Cyberspace has a lot of feelings about it.

Sweet pictures of a Texas teen's father walking her to school on her first and last day has the internet up in arms. 

The photos, posted to Twitter by Brittany Gayler, show her dad accompanying her to her first day of kindergarten and her last day of high school, BuzzFeed News reports

"It was an emotional time," Gayler's dad said to BuzzFeed, adding that he was "holding back tears."

Twitter was, too — in some cases, however, users freely wept. 

Gayler is apparently moving out to begin college in two months or so. 

"I’ve always been so grateful that my parents have always been there for me," she said to BuzzFeed News.

If you're craving more graduation love, this mother and daughter are sure to do the trick.

And this teen recreated her mom's graduation photo — good job to dad for staying in shape!

These will never get old.

How did you celebrate your graduation? Tell us in the comments below.

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