Twitter Mercilessly Mocks Ivanka's 'Why I Disagree With My Dad' Cover

What appeared to be a publicity stunt to get the public to sympathize with Ivanka Trump seems to have backfired. Thankfully, the memes are pretty funny.

The internet sure is creative, but under President Donald Trump, it has achieved peak inventiveness.

According to US Weekly, the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, isn't backing down from taking punches at her dad, saying she stands up to him. Unfortunately for the magazine, the overly pro-Ivanka cover was mercilessly mocked online.

The Hill reported that sources told US Weekly that the former model was disappointed in her father's decision to walk away from the Paris agreement.

While “[s]ometimes she and Jared are a big influence on Donald,” the source told the magazine, “sometimes he takes other opinions into account and does something they disagree with.”

“They win some and they lose some,” the insider concluded.

According to this report, we must assume that since she wasn't able to win the battle over the Paris agreement, she must have been pretty sad about it. Now, the internet is giving Ivanka Trump more reasons to pout.

As some have pointed out, Trump's daughter has been mostly unsuccessful in pushing her father to change his mind when considering a policy or approach.

In the past, the former Democratic donor pressured the president to change his mind on rolling back President Barack Obama's order regarding public school bathroom rights for transgender students, an action that didn't bear any fruits. Then, she reportedly asked the president to rewrite the now infamous “Muslim ban,” which he did, making it even worse. And now, she asked him to reconsider exiting the Paris agreement.

Looks like the apple of his eye isn't as influential — or perhaps persuasive — as she hoped.

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