Twitter Outraged After Truck Spotted Using First Nation Slur

An Alberta trucking company has come under fire for a sticker that was placed on one of their trucks that used a slur for First Nation women.

This 'One Sq**w Too Many' sticker went viral on Twitter after an Alberta trucking company was found displaying it on one of their trucks. The sticker was spotted in Grande Cache.

Metro News reported that the truck, which belonged to a company called Larry's Water Hauling, was displaying the sticker as a "joke" between drivers. One driver was apparently trying to convince the other to leave his partner and displayed the sticker to get the message across. The company claims the sticker was taken off "five minutes" after somebody caught a picture of it and shared it on social media. Twitter responded accordingly.

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation, a group of aboriginal settlements in the surrounding area of Grande Cache, responded to the sticker immediately. Metro reports that the group said the sticker was "disappointing" to see in the workplace and that discrimination "should not be tolerated anywhere."

While the word 'sq**w' may seem outdated and unused, it is not as antiquated or benign as some might think. Twitter is littered with people using the slur against Native American and First Nation women every day.

Sandra Jansen, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta said, “There’s absolutely nothing funny about this when across the country we’re defining the parameters of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry and talking about some serious endemic problems.” 

Jansen's comments refer to the 1000 indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered in Canada since 1980. 

The racist message of the bumper sticker is no laughing matter and 'jokes' like these have a serious and devastating significance to indigenous people.

Banner Image Credit:  Twitter, @Hadleylf

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