Another Brexit? Twitter Reacts To Iceland's Euro 2016 Win Over England

“We left the EU, our PM resigned and we've just got knocked out of the Euros by Iceland,” wrote an online user. “What a time to be English!”

Iceland fans

Following a dramatic exit from European Union less than a week ago, England had to make another exit from the 2016 UEFA European Championship Monday after Iceland ousted their national soccer team from the competition with a humiliating 2-1 defeat.

It was a truly devastating moment for scores of fans all over the United Kingdom who had pinned their hopes on the Three Lions and probably did not see Iceland, a country with roughly the same population as England's 21st most populous city Sunderland, as much of a threat.

In fact, the defeat was so crushing that Roy Hodgson, manager of England's soccer team, stepped down from his position moments after the game.



While others celebrated Iceland, which only qualified for the tournament with a shocking last-minute victory over The Netherlands earlier, some reacted to the upset with memes and Crying Jordans — because why not?








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Of course, there were a lot of Brexit jokes… probably too many, to be fair.








Meanwhile, some seemed genuinely happy for Iceland. After all, they did what England failed to do: function together as a cohesive national team.







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