People Are Posting Hilarious Pictures Of Petrified Kids Meeting Santa

Some kids perceive the good 'ole St. Nick as a little menacing, and Twitter users are posting pictures as proof. Will the children ever recover?

In all likelihood, you remember your first experience with mall Santa very, very vividly. Either you loved it — yay, the man in the red suit is here to make all your materialistic dreams come true! — or you didn't totally understand the concept and were absolutely, unreservedly terrified.

The latter is totally understandable; after all, most of us aren't keen on hanging out on a random dude's lap for the sake of Mom's mantle picture. But hey, that's the spirit of Christmas, right?

Lucky for you, the good people of Twitter are sharing a plethora of Santa photos — and it's kind of, sort of incredible. Users are digging through the archives to post pictures of themselves as children, and also of current children they know who aren't so fond of the man in the red suit. Take a look at some of the best pictures below. 

Twitter users are even publishing special footage of the encounters. Try your hardest not to laugh. 

Poor kids. They'll never be the same.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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