Twitter Slams Mike Pence For World’s Whitest Selfie

Vice President-elect Mike Pence took a page out of Paul Ryan’s book and snapped a selfie with House Republicans that completely lacked cultural diversity.

The internet showed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan no mercy after he took a selfie with a very “vanilla” group of Capitol Hill interns several months ago.

Apparently, Vice President-elect Mike Pence didn’t learn from Ryan’s mistake because he has captured a photo of himself among the “unified” House Republicans who also happen to be quite “vanilla.”

Pence’s photo reflects the image of America that he and President-elect Donald Trump painted for their supporters along the campaign trail. Forget about celebrating multiculturalism and diversity. In Pence’s photo, whiteness represents unity.

According to Uproxx, 87 percent of House Republicans are non-Hispanic white men, compared to 43 percent of House Democrats. Based on the picture, those statistics appear to be quite accurate.

The handful of women among the group was all crammed in the front, breaking up a bit of the monotony. However, those women were also white.

A post from The House Republicans’ official Twitter noted that Pence joined in on their planning conference meeting, which is when the selfie was snapped.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to start trolling Pence and the House Republicans on their lack of diversity after the photo was posted.

Although the memes and sarcastic responses are hilarious, it’s truly a sad state of affairs to see how underrepresented people of color are in these circles.

This disparity offers some insight into why egregious acts such as a white woman touting a “Blacks for Trump” sign at a rally and Trump referring to a black man as, “my African-American” are totally acceptable from their vantage point. Their interactions with people of color are so few and far between that their concepts of tolerance and inclusivity are devastatingly skewed. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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