Argument Between College Roommates Turns Into Online War Of Tweets

What started as dislike for a roommate and a bunch of tweets against her, has turned into a full-fledged online battle between two college students.

Two roommates at Pennsylvania State University have got into an online battle after one of them, identified as Jessica Taylor, found out that her roommate had been using social media to make mean comments about her.

When Taylor discovered her roommate, identified only as Nikki, had been posting several negative comments about her, she printed out all the tweets and pinned them to their bedroom wall. She then shared the image on Twitter, garnering around 95,000 retweets.


“My roommate situation is a horror story. And If you don’t believe me ask Briit”, one tweet reads.

“Britt is talking about rooming together next year, and I’m actually crying at the thought of having a good roommate,” reads another post.

Taylor shared a message sent by her resident adviser asking her to be “neutral” for the time being and then shared an image of a text message conversation between herself and Nikki.

She then claimed that Nikki called the cops on her for having weed.


The two also had a conversation about the incident on text messages which again was shared by Taylor.


While some people are supporting Taylor, others who were rooting for Nikki are now putting their accounts on private. Taylor claims they are doing so because they have been proved wrong.



Some Twitter users are having a hard time focusing on anything except for the feud between the two girls.


While the future for the duo doesn’t look too great, Taylor is surely making new friends, and even cashing in on the fame and inviting people to follow her on Instagram

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