These Perils Don’t Live Up To The Dangers At A Trump Rally

Where are you #SaferThanATrumpRally? Twitter users are having a field day coming up with safer alternatives.



Donald Trump is a man who has a talent for stirring up controversies every time he opens up his mouth. It is no wonder his rallies are so charged with hostility.

Although, a (very) few of his campaign events have gone without incident, most of his gatherings have erupted into violence due to mounting tensions between Trump fans and his protesters.

So obviously, the Twitterati had to jump in and come up with the hashtag #SaferThanATrumpRally.

Whether it's a real life crisis or something out of sci-fi, there are plenty of places people are safer than at a Trump rally.

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The many Twitter users who have used the hashtag have made at least this fact abundantly clear. There are thousands of scenarios in which people would feel safer than they would at a Trump rally.

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