Bigots Furious Over 8-Year-Old Boy Dressed As Hillary Clinton

A little boy was excited to dress up as Hillary Clinton for Halloween, but when his mom shared the photo, the family was hit with hateful backlash.

A family from Brooklyn had a precious Halloween moment when their son decided to dress as Hillary Clinton for Halloween.

The parents reportedly asked their daughter if she would like to dress up as Hillary for Halloween, but she decided on another costume. That was when their son eagerly volunteered, saying "Well someone's gotta be Hillary!"

His costume was complete with a Clinton campaign pin, yellow jacket, and perfectly coiffed Hillary hair. The parents received an outpouring of support for the creative and adorable costume, with fans complimenting everything about the outfit and their parenting. 

But the couple also received plenty of Twitter hate mail from bigoted adults raging about dressing up a boy "as a girl," (note: Hillary Clinton is nearly 70 years old and not a 'girl') because heaven forbid a little boy think a woman is worth idolizing.

The tweets attacked the couple for "indoctrinating" their son into being gay because, you know, that's how that works...

The comments took a turn for the transphobic, calling the boy "it" because bigots get very scared when people cross gender lines.

Apparently the Twitter bullies think attacking an eight-year-old is a good way to deal with their own insecurities around gender and sexuality. While it seems like this child has a great support structure, bullying gay and transgender children has a hugely negative impact on their mental health. It's ironic that these same bigots are referring to the costume as "child abuse" when they are actually going out of their way to emotionally abuse a child on the internet.

This little boy's costume embodies the antithesis to Trump followers' hateful rhetoric. As the Trump campaign struggles against the weight of decades of Trump's alleged sexual assaults and blatant misogyny, a little boy dressed as Hillary Clinton reminds us that love will always trump hate.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo

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