Twitter Uses #ThankYouTrump To Troll The New POTUS

Donald Trump supporters tried to rally behind their president with the #ThankYouTrump hashtag, but the effort fell flat when anti-Trump users got involved.

Supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to rally behind the new commander in chief by starting the “Thank You Trump” hashtag on Twitter, which gloriously backfired.

Once the trend started picking up steam, it took no time for opponents of Trump to hijack the hashtag and use it to troll him by sarcastically “thanking” him for all the horrible things he has done in the first five days of his presidency.

Most of the tweets are actually quite disheartening, but it wasn’t all bad. Twitter user @myeucatastrophe found a silver lining and tweeted, “#ThankYouTrump for making Saturday Night Live Great Again!!”

While we can all be thankful for the opportunity to laugh through the next four years, Alec Baldwin is really the main one gaining something tangible out of it.

Overall, though, Trump is well on his way to taking America down a very dark journey, and Twitter is here to remind us all that his regressive policies are nothing to be thankful for.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Elvert Barnes

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