Chinese School Literally Cracks Down On Students Using Phones In Class

Two teenagers were caught using smartphones during a self-study session by a teacher. So they reportedly offered to smash their phones as repentance.


A video of Chinese middle school students smashing their smartphones has gone viral and sparked condemnation for the school’s harsh disciplining method.

The incident took place on Sept. 5 at the No.2 Middle School of Dao County in Yongzhou, in China’s Hunan province.

Two teenagers, identified as only He and Liao, were caught using smartphones during a self-study session by a teacher. The teacher named Xiong confiscated their devices but the students apologized and offered to smash their phones as repentance and promised to study diligently in the future.

According to Xiong, who teaches politics, he told the students to smash their phones at home but they brought the devices to school the next day and offered to smash them in front of the entire classroom. According to an official statement by Dao county, the two students also read out the disadvantages of using phones during class.

The video shows one student picking up his phone from the teacher’s desk and throwing it hard on the floor. The screen cracked but the phone remained otherwise undamaged so Xiong can be heard telling him to “pick it up and smash it again.” The student can be seen once again smashing his phone hard on the ground.

Satisfied, the teacher let him go as the second students came up to the front of the class and did the same thing.

The school has a “zero-tolerance” policy of using cell phones on campus. However, the administration ruled that Xiong, despite the fact that he was right to enforce discipline, dealt with the students “inappropriately.” As a result, his bonus salary was deducted. The school administration has also pledged to improve its policies regarding phones.

Chinese internet users have condemned the harsh actions of the teacher.

“This teacher is insane,” one person said.

“Is this a joke? The teacher ordered him to pick it up and smash it again. This is not voluntary,” questioned another.

“This teacher could have confiscated the phones and notified their parents instead. Why destroy private property?” another social media user said.

China has come up with extremely harsh measures for students to ensure they study hard.

A school in Shangqui City removed all chairs and benches from the cafeteria to deter students from lingering during lunch. In fact, a Hengshui high school in the city of Handan went so far as to install two army tanks outside its entrance to “motivate” students to study hard.

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