People Think This Guy's Girlfriend Is A Demon After Two-Faced Selfie

A couple has become rather well-known amongst netizens after they posted a strange selfie that sparked demon theories and hilarious memes.

A Twitter user named Andy, who goes by the handle of @extracis, has posted a picture with his girlfriend captioned: “I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini,” implying she is two-faced. 


However, there is something so disturbing and weird about the picture.

In the photo, although the young man and his girlfriend are faced the same way, smiling into the camera, the mirror at the back shows the girl’s face looking the other way at the same time. So basically, her face is in two opposite directions simultaneously.

Not possible right? Unless the image is Photoshopped — or she’s some kind of demon.

The internet is freaking out over the couple’s images, and the tweets have sparked a discussion among Twitter users proposing various theories behind the image.




“I AM TRIPPIN. THIS GIRL CAN REALLY BE. WATCHIN HER MANS BACK,” wrote one Twitter user while another said: “always told y'all that if the devil had a gender it would be a female.”

People suggested that the girl might be a demon or Satan. “You know you're dating a demon right?” commented one person. Other comments such as “This just set me up for nightmares. That ain't ya gf, she a witch who got you under a spell. Runnnnnnnnn!” and “this is me staring at my life decisions and internally cringing. (also extra points cause im actually a gemini)” rolled in.

Regardless of all the comments, it is likely that the second face in the picture was a result of a mirror behind the woman. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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