Watch Two Best Friends Sneak Into Movie Theater As One Person

Two innovative young men came up with a rather unique, yet extremely bizarre, plan to save on movie ticket prices.

Sneaking someone into a movie theater is not an easy feat, which is why these two best friends deserve a prize for coming up with the most innovative method of doing so — or at least they can be forgiven once for stiffing the theater. 

YouTuber Bo Johnson and his friend Matthew were rather keen on watching a movie at the theater but didn’t want to spend all that money, so they decided to go together as one huge person.

Yes, you read that right!

Johnson snuck Matthew into his shirt, appearing rather disproportionate. The antic, of course, took quite a few attempts before it came out right, and the video (posted above) is definite proof that the two boys used the trial and error method to fit into the same shirt-together.

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At first, one got onto his friend from the back, walking in tandem to appear like one person. But when things didn’t go too well with that, they tried the same thing, but this time from the front. It looked like one person had a rather huge tummy and problems in walking. Even though the video is rather hilarious, it still seems pretty convincing.

While the attempts on coming off as one person are really adorable, one cannot deny the fact that saving on a few dollars for the movie tickets indeed takes a lot of hard work.

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