Two Impatient Dogs Ram Owner’s Car Into A Walmart

Two dogs left unattended in a running vehicle mistakenly crashed it into the front of a West Virginia Walmart where their elderly owner was shopping.

People have been condemned and have even made headlines for leaving pets and children in hot cars for extended periods of time, which is not only inhumane, but seriously dangerous.

Oftentimes, passersby call the police and report parents’/pet owners’ negligence, but there are those inevitable situations when you just can’t bring your fur baby into an establishment.

One West Virginia dog owner was faced with the decision to leave her two pups in the car while going into a Walmart, but rather than leaving a window cracked for the canines, she left the keys in the ignition with the air conditioning running.

The terrier in the driver’s seat managed to knock the car out of park and the car began to roll straight into the retail store. After the crash, the second dog appeared and rolled down the window, according to Mashable.

Of course, the hilarious incident went viral — especially after police released the surveillance footage in which you can watch the car roll off in slow motion all the way up to the front of the store.

The scenario was described by witnesses as something straight out of a cartoon.

"Only in Wayne County could something like that happen," shopper Tiffany Bowen told local reporters.

Luckily, no one was hurt as a result of the incident, including the dogs. Since the vehicle was moving so slowly, damages to the car and the building were very minimal.

The elderly owner was able to drive home with her dogs in tow, and no official report was filed.

We can all enjoy a good laugh from this, but it’s important to note that things could have gone much differently had anyone been struck by the runaway vehicle.

Amanda Clark — who co-owns a vet service and pet training center near the Walmart where the incident occurred — advised that people just leave their pets at home if they need to run errands.

“We definitely don't want you to leave your pet in a car if it's not running, and apparently if the car is running, that's not a good idea either," she said.

While it may seem Clark’s advice goes without saying, there is clearly a need to reiterate it considering the ridiculous accident that took place. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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