Two Journalists Fired For Using Company Time To Buy Beyonce Tickets

Jackie Fernandez and Somara Theodore posted the event — which they were using company time for — to social media. They were swiftly reprimanded.

Jackie Fernandez

Somara Theodore

When “Good Morning Cleveland” Channel 5 anchors Jackie Fernandez and Somara Theodore stood in line for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s concert tickets — the musical duo is campaigning for Hillary Clinton at their upcoming Cleveland gig — they likely had no clue they would be fired for it.

That’s exactly what happened, however, when they used company time to wait in the line and posted their intentions to social media, reports.

"We don't discuss internal employee matters," news director Jeff Harris said. "However, News 5 holds all of its journalists to the highest ethical standards."

For the station, “highest ethical standards” includes remaining politically objective.

"It is important to the reputation of our station and to Scripps, our parent company, that our news coverage is fair and unbiased," Harris said. "Those crucial qualities have been emphasized repeatedly during this contentious election season. We remind our journalists frequently to avoid even the appearance of support for any sides of this election. It is imperative that we maintain objectivity in the work we do to serve our communities in NE Ohio."

Last summer, Fernandez and Theodore were hired by the news station, and have been positively profiled by surrounding media. They were advertised as News 5’s “fresh and hip” members. The company is still resolving future staffing for the morning show. 

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