Two People Swap Legs In This Optical Illusion

A photo of a warm embrace between two people on the beach sparked a huge debate on Reddit due to an unintended, puzzling optical illusion.

A mind-boggling unintended optical illusion caused a stir on Reddit that spread like wildfire through the internet.

A heartwarming photo taken of two people hugging on the beach has never been so perplexing.

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In the picture, the people's legs look strangely intertwined. The male in the picture is black and the female is white, but their legs appear to belong to the other person.

It also somewhat looks like the lower halves of their bodies are blended together as one body with four legs.

“Apparently they are also an interspacial [sic] interracial couple,” a commenter jokingly suggested.

Among the many interracial couple jokes that flooded the comment thread on Reddit, one user wrote: “All jokes aside, after 10 minutes of staring, those white legs have to he [sic] his.. This is like an earth glitch or something.”

People went back and forth amongst each other trying to get to the bottom of the confusing photo, and as it turns out, the explanation is extremely simple.

The guy in the photo is wearing two-toned basketball shorts and the girl is wearing a dress that doesn’t cover her legs — or as another user more eloquently explained:

“The guy facing away is actually wearing shorts that have 2 colors, white and dark blue (black? forest green?). The white part matches up perfectly with the girls legs and makes it look like she's wearing white pants, but in truth you see none of her bottom clothing apparel.”

The mystery has been solved and all is right with the world. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/DanielReche

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