Two-faced Selfie Has Internet Ablaze With Demonic Memes

Social media is flipping out over a couple's eerie selfie which shows a woman's face reflected behind her, prompting devilish theories.



The Internet is freaking out over a couple’s creepy selfie which depicts the woman looking the wrong way sparking exorcist theories and devilish memes.

Twitter user @itsthemans posted a photo from 9GAG that — at first glance — appears to be a harmless selfie, but upon closer look shows the woman’s face reflected in the window behind her, suggesting she can spin her head around or has two faces.

The image immediately became a viral sensation terrifying social media with satanic implications.






The selfie launched a debate online with some users logically believing the second face was merely caused by a mirror behind the woman while others blamed Voldemort for the ominous picture. Despite the contested demon talk, the image is most likely an early April Fools’ Day Photoshop prank and not actually the work of the devil.

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