New Yorkers Shocked After Finding Out Clinton Has Zika

A comedian tricked some very gullible people into believing Clinton dropped out of the presidential race.

A 29-year-old comedian, Tyler Fischer, took to the streets of New York to pull off an epic prank. Pretending to be a broadcast journalist for BBC America, the man told passersby that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had withdrawn from the presidential race after being diagnosed with Zika virus.

“Breaking news! Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has just announced she will be dropping out of the presidential race, making Donald Trump perhaps the next president of the United States,” Fischer declared.

While some people seemed taken aback and shocked by the news, other reactions included them saying “No you’re kidding,” “I’m gonna hang myself now” and “God help us.”

However, for some, the news didn’t seem to come as a surprise as they exclaimed “I knew this would happen.”

“Do you think you’ll move to Canada perhaps?” Fischer asked one young boy.

“No. I mean Canada’s probably gonna build a wall to keep all the Americans out, so,” he replied.

Most people seemed disappointed by the false news of Clinton’s withdrawal and illness, but a group of women who were on the Trump train yelled “Yes” when asked if they were excited.

In the last few weeks, rumors of Hillary Clinton being unwell have been circulating the social media, which is probably why people believed the false news of her having Zika. The former secretary of state was seen almost collapsing while leaving a 9/11 memorial event last month and had battled a bout with pneumonia.

GOP candidate Donald Trump has also tried his best to prove that his opponent is physically “unfit” to be the next president of the United States. However, despite all his claims, Clinton’s doctors have declared her healthy and fit to serve the country.

Although the video hasn’t recorded how the people reacted after they got to know they were being pranked, most of them must have breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Clinton is still very much part of the race.

Check out the video above. 

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