Police Nab Uber Driver Joyriding In Stolen $250K Ferrari

An Uber driver was arrested in stolen $250K Ferrari and told police that the car belonged to a friend, but then he couldn’t come up with a name.

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A Florida driver did not have his head on straight when he was riding in a stolen $250,000 Ferrari.

According to Yahoo!, police pulled the driver over for “driving suspiciously” and communicating with a driver in a red Corvette.

What kind of car thief acts so conspicuous in the same vicinity as their county’s drug task force vehicle with a license plate reader? A 26-year-old man named Hilburn Hunkins. 

The Virgin Island native was pulled over by a Gainesville/Alachua County Drug Task Force officer, who was able to discern that something was up and that the luxury vehicle had been reported stolen.

To make light of the situation, Gainesville police posted about the arrest on their Facebook page giving “pro tips” to consider when stealing a high-end car like the $250K Ferrari.

However, it’s a little too late for Hunkins to take this advice into consideration now that he’s been charged with grand larceny.

It was noted in the police report that Hunkins said that the car belonged to a friend of his, but he had some trouble remembering his friend’s name. He also told police that he was an Uber driver, but there were no passengers in the stolen Ferrari. It’s a sketchy story all around, but it’s evident that the police got a good laugh out of it.

In the Facebook post, Gainesville police did offer some pretty sound advice, such as, “Don’t steal stuff. It’s just not nice,” and, “Certainly, don’t steal a $250,000 2017 Ferrari California.”

Alas, that should be common sense in this day and age, right?

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