UCLA Gymnast Drops Jaws With Killer Performance

She had the crowd cheering "10, 10, 10!" by the end of this amazing routine.

A University of California, Los Angeles, senior flipped and danced her way to one of the best gymnastic routines ever, and Internet fame to boot.

In a battle against University of Utah on Saturday, UCLA's Sophina DeJesus pulled off a near-perfect routine, leading her university to victory. But, between her brilliant flips, splits and tumbles, she also managed to throw in a few killer dance moves, landing a 9.925 score.

Her flawless performance not only left the judges in awe, but had students cheering her on, as they yelled “10!10!10!” Interestingly, this was her season debut.

“I just said to them ‘Do you want it? Well then you need to go get it,’” said UCLA coach Valorie Kondos Field.

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The student's performance video on Facebook has been shared by 392,000 people and attracted 16,000 comments.

She ended the routine with “the dab,” as the crowd of more than 7,000 people celebrated and praised her stellar performance.

This is not the first time DeJesus has put up an outstanding performance and impressed the crowd. The young girl has always outdone herself, and is surely a prized athlete for UCLA. 

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