Theresa May Ran Against Lord Buckethead for Her Seat In UK Election

Prime Minster Theresa May had to compete against a black knight named Lord Buckethead, a man in Elmo costume and a candidate from Monster Raving Loony Party.

Generally, elections are not something to laugh about as they can be pretty stressful and depressing — at least for those who voted for the losing candidate.

However, this picture from the stage line-up during vote count in a small English town called Maidenhead is the definition of hilarious.

After all, how often do you see a nation’s prime minister standing next to a black knight with a bucket over his head, a man in a crazy sheriff’s uniform and someone dressed up as Elmo, waiting for the results to be declared at the count center in her constituency.

To sum it up in a word: It was bizarre — and some Americans are extremely confused.

The candidates who decided to run against May are known as Lord Buckethead, an independent candidate who identifies himself as a "intergalactic space lord;” Howling Laud Hope from Monster Raving Loony Party, who said, "I'm not standing against Theresa May, she's standing against me;” and a 35-year-old heavy goods driver Bobby “Elmo” Smith.

While May’s Conservative Party lost significant ground in the House of Commons to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the real winner of the election night in the United Kingdom seemed to be Lord Buckethead, who won 249 votes in the Kent constituency and became an instant social media sensation.

Although May won 37,718, a number of social media users were in awe that more than 200 people chose to vote for a nameless caped crusader rather than a well-known politician who happens to be the prime minister.

Elmo, meanwhile, only received three votes.

By the way, May did her best to stand away from her unusual, costumed electoral rivals.

Corbyn also had a similar encounter earlier in the evening.

Then this happened...

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