Teenagers Stick Pens On Their Heads In Epic Twitter Battle

Two U.K. students show how much stationery a person’s head can hold in a throwdown on Twitter. It’s as absurd as it sounds.

UK Teenagers

Apparently, studying for exams also makes you come up with totally insane and random ideas. It is so for two U.K. teenagers.

16-year-old Lauryn from northwest England tweeted during the weekend, “I’m trying to revise but instead I decided to see how many pens I can hold with my head.” This was taken as an apparent challenge by her friend Rebzy, another 16-year-old from Scotland, who tried to shove even more pens up her nose.



In a series of escalating images, Twitter users were amazed to see how much stationery a human head can actually hold.

Pens face

Pens on head

Pen battle

Pens Twitter battle

Lauryn got a headband and stuck as many pens as she could into it, topping out at 179 pens and three rulers. But she soon bowed down to Rebzy, who ended up with a total of 242 pens stuck up her face.

Twitter Pens Battle

“It's actually kind of embarrassing [to go viral]," Lauryn said in an interview with Mashable. "But it's also hilarious because I wasn't expecting it. I thought one of my friends would tell me to shut up and revise and that would be the end of it.”

"It feels odd going viral," Rebzy agreed. "We've always kind of thought, 'What's that like?' but we never started the contest for attention. We solely wanted to top each other."

They also solved the mystery of why they owned hundreds of pens.

"I own so many pens and pencils because I make art in my free time," Rebzy explained. "It's just kind of been a growing collection that started 10 years ago."

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