Shaq Fools Unsuspecting Passengers As Undercover Lyft Driver

Shaquille O’Neal managed to confuse a number of Lyft passengers with his unusual accents and a range of hilarious disguises.

You don't have to be a sports fan to recognize Shaquille O’Neal.

The retired NBA player is over 7 feet tall, weighs more than 300 pounds, works as a sports analyst, has a very distinguishable voice and usually has his face plastered over billboards for a variety of different campaigns.

However, despite his huge celebrity status, a number of people in Atlanta, Georgia, failed to identify the 44-year-old legend when he pulled up to their driveway as a Lyft driver. Although in their defense, Shaq did sport a variety of terrible disguises and hilarious accents to confuse the passengers, it is still quite unbelievable how a number of them did not recognize their driver immediately.

O’Neal’s stint was part of a web-series sponsored by the ride-hailing service Lyft to put disguised celebs and star athletes behind the wheel.

The video shows Shaq pull off a variety of colorful characters, including a Frenchman named Pierre who doesn’t speak French, a Rastafarian with dreadlocks, an undercover cop, a blond-haired bracelet maker and an immaculately dressed nerd.

He even indulged in some freestyle rapping and beat boxing, telling a passenger that his favorite movie is “Kazaam.” Shaq even taught a girl the “greatest free-throw catch” of all time.

Watch the hilarious prank in the video above.

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