Freediver Does The Coolest Tricks Underwater With Just His Breath

David Helder pulls off what very few can -- except maybe a beluga whale.

David Helder's freediving adventures put him close to marine life -- and on par with beluga whales and dolphins for an awesome skill not many possess. 

Helder can blow bubble rings, a kind of vortex that sends perfect circles of air jetting through the water. Think of it like smoke rings underwater. 

Not only can few divers blow bubble rings at all, but Helder takes it a step further with tricks, including interlocking rings, knocking down objects and sending washers spinning through the vortex. 

Unsurprisingly, as he spends so much time underwater, Helder's freedives give him a sense of zen.

"When I'm freediving, I'm someone else," he says.

Check out his amazing talent in the video above. The tricks start at 2:30, but the whole video is worth a watch.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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